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Create Your Soul's Life Retreat

May 30, 2019- June 2, 2019

Clearsky Retreat Centre, near Cranbrook, BC Canada

What's possible at the retreat?

Your facilitators Don, Lisa, and Jenny answer your questions, describe the inspiration behind the retreat and location, and discuss what the retreat days will be like and what you might experience and learn.


Live Your BEST Life Today

The one your souls is calling you  to live NOW!


Have you been feeling there must be more for you and your life?

More connection .  . . more abundance . . . more meaning . . . more fun . . .

I'm talking about that feeling deep down that calls you to something more . . . 

. . . something different

. . . something more authentically you.

That calling that would require you to

 . . . take a chance

 . . . rock the boat,

 . . . speak up,

. . . stand up,

. . . and maybe let go of some people, situations, or jobs that no longer serve you.

Have you felt too scared, blocked, and uncertain to act and leap where you know you are being called?

This retreat can help you shift all that!

This retreat is for you if you are ready to learn how to co-create with the Divine

  • caring, healthy relationships
  • feeling worthy and important
  • truly forgiving and loving yourself
  • a less stressful and chaotic family life
  • living in harmony with your highest-self
  • serving your gifts to make the world a better place
  • more abundance, ease and grace in your day
  • more enthusiasm and joy
  • more confidence and clarity about your next steps
All of these experiences are possible by joining us at CREATE YOUR SOUL's LIFE RETREAT!

Join us!


This transformational residential retreat is your opportunity to:

  • Feel unconditional Divine Love
  • let go of the patterns and limiting beliefs that hold you back
  • learn tools to create healthy and loving relationships
  • connect and communicate with your angels and spiritual guides for direction
  • know more about your soul essence and soul purpose
  • heal and forgive the past
  • love yourself
  • forgive yourself and others for the past
So that you can design a life of fulfillment, excitement and happiness, that is fully connected to the Divine and your higher purpose.  


Your experience includes:

  • meditation and channeled experiences with the angels and guides, including the High Council
  • personal growth and healing work
  • tools to design and maintain a life that works
  • angel-guided nature walk
  • yoga and movement
  • ritual and ceremony
  • time for quiet reflection, to connect with your soul, and to appreciate the natural setting

It's time to Create your Soul's Life

Meet your Facilitators

Don, Lisa, and Jenny

Don & Lisa Hogue, of Lifeworks International, are licensed Heal Your Life Coaches and Teachers. With Louise Hay's life changing work, they have personally healed through challenges in their partnerships, workplaces, family, step-parenting, finances, and divorce, and have created a beautiful life and true partnership built on conscious awareness, forgiveness, connection, radical truth and self-love. They are enthusiastic and passionate about helping others create a life that really works! 

Jenny Hogg Ashwell, of Love's Curriculum, is a spiritual messenger and mentor, and scribe of the #1 International Bestseller Love's Curriculum and host of the Love's Curriculum Radio Show. Over the last 20 years, she travelled a spiritual and personal growth path that took her from successful lawyer to her soul assignment to be a conduit for the High Council (Jesus, the archangels, & other spiritual teachers). She is passionate about helping people worldwide remember Divine Love, courageously step into their soul's purpose, and create Heaven on earth.

Don, Lisa, and Jenny have known each other for several years now. They met doing deep healing and transformational work with Insight Counselling and Training, in Canada. All three eventually became staff with Insight, assisting others through their transformation. Their growth and experience there, spurred them on to each train to become workshop facilitators. Not only co-facilitators, the three are good friends and companions in personal and spiritual growth. 

Important Details

When: 6:00pm May 30, 2019 (for dinner) to 2:00 pm June 2, 2019 (ending with lunch)

Where: Clear Sky Retreat Centre, near Cranbrook, BC Canada 

Fly into Canadian Rockies International Airport (& get picked up) or a 4 hours drive from Calgary. Detailed location and Directions

Includes: Room (shared accommodation) and meals (dinner Thursday - lunch Sunday)

Tuition: $1895 CAD (plus 5% GST) per person plus tax.

FIRST EARLY BIRD: $1595 CAD (plus 5% GST) through February 28, 2019

SECOND EARLY BIRD: $1695 CAD (plus 5% GST) through April 30, 2019.

COUPLES & FRIENDS SAVE: Register two at a time and Save. Come with a friend or partner, spouse -- $1595 CAD (Plus 5% GST) each.  

Payment plans available. Email us at [email protected].com or [email protected] if you wish to explore payment plans.

Act Now as Space is limited to 12!
Join us here

Why we chose this Venue

Clear Sky Retreat & Meditation Centre

Healthy Delicious Food

With emphasis on organic and local, and food right from Clear Sky's own Farm & Food Forest, we will be fed with loving and intentional meals. The retreat includes a Farm & Food Forest Tour.

Natural Surroundings

Clear Sky lies at the foot of majestic Bull Mountain with 300+ acres offering easy walking nature trails where you can unplug and rejuvenate. 

Intentional Space

Clear Sky is "A finely tuned spiritual container, a catalyst for groups to awaken more quickly and deeply, together." The energy of the centre will accelerate the transformations that are possible.


It's time to Create your Soul's Life

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