Live Your Divine Purpose Mentoring

With Spiritual Mentor & Messenger Jenny Hogg Ashwell

Courageously step into your Soul's Purpose.
Align with your Soul's Dream.
Share your Message and Mission.

""I joined Jenny’s program because I was feeling stuck in my career; I was missing passion, motivation, and inspiration to move forward on my path as a life coach. I was feeling confused around what my business should look like due to some huge changes that I had already made and I was unsure of how to find the answers. I was also looking at finding, building and strengthening my relationship with God as I had lost connection and trust in God and Angels quite some time ago. During my sessions with Jenny, she guided me in remembering that I have purpose and a divine right to live my purpose. She helped me break through large barriers that were standing in my way of trusting myself, God and Angels and she helped me tap into my own resources to find the rebranding for my business that I needed. I am now confident of the steps to move forward, but I also know that in those moments where I feel less than confident (because life happens), I can find the faith and trust within to move forward in a way that is serving to me, my passion and my purpose. Working with Jenny has reignited a passion for life that I thought was forever lost.""

Arianne Moore
Women's Empowerment Coach


The Why: It's time to answer the call of your soul because the world needs your Divine purpose now more than ever, and it is time to be able to share your message and mission without the fear, doubt, and ego stopping you.

The What: Live Your Divine Purpose mentoring is a unique opportunity to work with your angels and guides alongside me (Spiritual Messenger & Mentor, Jenny Hogg Ashwell) to align your work, your relationships, your community, your business, your vision and mission, with your highest soul's purpose, so that you may bring forth the gifts and service you are meant to contribute in the world.

The How: By connecting you with Divine Love, the High Council, and your angels and Divine guides, mastering the 5 shifts necessary to live a life aligned with your soul's purpose, and receiving the tools and support you need to courageously step into living your soul's purpose and share your message and mission without fear, doubt and the ego stopping you.

The Benefits

Below are just some of the benefits that are available.
  • Developing a strong relationship with your angels and guides; one you can rely on each day.
  • Getting unstuck and moving past that wall of fear, doubt or confusion, so you can live your soul's purpose, get your message out there, and serve your mission.
  • New levels of joy, fulfillment, inspiration, service, and passion that come as a result of serving and aligning with your soul's essence and purpose, and making the shifts to a new experience of the continuing journey--one that includes support, self-love and compassion.
  • Ultimately, together with others, being the change and doing your part to move the world from fear to Love, and create Heaven on earth.

"I felt really supported through the program, and having guidance and channeling of the High Council made me feel more connected to a bigger element and picture. I also loved the way I was able to reconnect to my own place of spirituality. It was easier than I thought. It was like coming home." ~ Arianne Moore, Women's empowerment leader and coach 

"One of the biggest things I gained was taking ownership of who I am. I’ve owned that I have a lot of love in my heart, I have a lot of love to give, and opening to that more, and honoring it. There’s been some amazing discoveries for me. It’s been a supernatural experience. That is something unique about this program; it feels supernatural.” ~ Carlee, counselling student and philanthropist

"The consistency was so helpful, to have Jenny as my constant check-in and guide at the cusp of my awakening, a time that was feeling vague, unfamiliar. She validated my growth so that I could feel myself shifting every week into standing more true in myself, in my enlightened self, my awakening and getting more grounded and confident." ~ Emily, founder and owner Four Pillars Retreat Centre


"My life has been transformed. I have experienced healing. I have felt true joy, connection and love. I have purpose and am ready to live a spirit led life. There is more true peace in my life. I am amazed at how all peoples are aligned and supported. Jenny’s gentle nature has enhanced my growth. Ninaskomtin (means I am grateful for you in niheyaw (Cree language))" ~ Marlene, University Professor and visionary leader

What's included in the Live Your Divine Purpose 90 Day Mentoring Program

  • EIGHT One-on-One 60 minute Mentoring Sessions with me  to support your individual transformation. These sessions may include a combination of mentoring, coaching, removing barriers to Love and letting go of limiting beliefs, healing the past, inner child work, and tuning into the High Council and your angelic-soul team (like a reading). 

  • The Path of Love: Live Your Divine Purpose Course -  based on the Key Ingredients I found that make it possible to step into and live your soul's purpose. You receive resources, tools, and learning to help you surrender, heal your heart, navigate the ego, strengthen intuition, and master self-love. This Course is delivered through modules in a membership site and you keep lifetime access.

  • A Personalized High Council Message: You will receive a personal written message directly for you from the High Council (scribed by me) with insight into your soul essence and purpose. 

  • Meditations: You will receive two guided meditations (MP3s) from the High Council to use in the morning and at night to keep you on track and align, activate, and raise your connection, energy and consciousness.

  • Email support throughout the program

  • Accountability and Action: The program provides accountability, coaching and support to keep moving forward in your transformation.

"Jenny encouraged me to take action, and then acknowledged it as well. She acknowledged how much I accomplished in a week, which helped me see it; usually I can have a hard time seeing what I’ve done and I focus on all I still need to do."  ~ Carlee

"The consistency was so helpful, to have Jenny as my constant check-in and guide at the cusp of my awakening, a time that was feeling vague, unfamiliar. She validated my growth so that I could feel myself shifting every week into standing more true in myself, in my enlightened self, my awakening and getting more grounded and confident.”  ~ Emily

Your Next Step . . .

If you wish to learn more and explore being a mentoring client, then fill out the application by clicking the button below. After review, if I feel my mentoring programs may be a fit for you, I will send you a link to book a free 45 minute Discovery Session with me, in which we can confirm that working together is a great fit for both of us, and we can discuss the details of each program, pricing, and payment options.


Hear from Emily about fulfilling her dream


On a scale of 1-10

10 being “totally did” and 1 being “not at all”, how did the program and working with Jenny do in getting you:

Clarity about your soul’s purpose, soul essence, and steps? 10!

Connection to your purpose and Divine Helpers (angels, guides, etc)? 10!!!!!

Courage to step into concrete action and shift? 10!

Feeling like you are living your Divine purpose? 9! I am on my way to living my divine purpose with little to no doubt that I’ll get there. I was at a 1 when we started, so I’d say we did great.

Moving past your barriers to Love, limiting beliefs, and blocks and walls? 10!

Ratings by a graduate of the program.

What can you expect from Sessions with Jenny?

Each one-on-one session and group support session is guided by Spirit. For each of your sessions, Jenny and you will surrender the session to your guides and angels, your highest good, and the highest good of all. Jenny works intuitively, and often in direct connection with your angels, guides, and loved ones who have passed on, for next steps, healing, clarity and direction, AND in service of strengthening your own connection with them. Read below to hear what clients have said about their sessions.


"I looked forward to the sessions with Jenny. Her gentle, accepting manner made it so easy to share anything and everything. . . . And whatever mood I was in, whether it was up down, or being confused, or being frustrated, or being really alive and vibrant, Jenny held it all so graciously and with such acceptance."


"Having guidance from a different realm made me fully accept what was being said or discussed. I also loved the way I was able to reconnect to my own place of spirituality. It was easier than I thought. It was like coming home." 

Personal & Intimate

"I felt that Jenny was so intimately connected with me even though the sessions were by video call . . . I felt she was so personally connected to me as a client, remembering details from prior sessions and this helped me go really deep in my work as well." 

“My session with Jenny Hogg Ashwell was deep. She lovingly held space with me to process and explore what had been hidden. It was a gift to have her presence to help me on this journey of healing. Her guidance is instrumental and this work made all the difference. Thank you for helping me gain focus and clarity.” -- Debbi Dachinger, Podcast host, international bestselling author, speaker, media visibility strategist, consultant, red carpet correspondent

Want to Learn More about Jenny & Love's Curriculum Before Applying?

Check out the About Page or Join the Masterclass Training Below. 

5 Keys to Courageously Step Into Your Soul's Purpose with Your Angels and Guides, without Fear, Doubt or the ego stopping you

A great way to learn what the program is about and what 5 shifts are essential and will be mastered in the program.


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