The Path of Love: Live Your Divine Purpose Course

 Learn how to courageously and consistently live your soul's purpose and serve your heart's calling

It's time to put an end to fear, doubt and the ego stopping you from shining your light
This Course will help you learn how to:
  • gain clarity and purpose in your life
  • connect with your angels and guides 
  • get unstuck and take concrete action
  • relieve feelings of loneliness, frustration, and despair
  • navigate the fears and doubts so they don't stop you

Why? So that you can make the difference and impact you are here to make.

Why this Course?

We are each being called to bring the Light in our own unique way NOW at this time. It's about living your Divine Purpose.  

To do this, you need to align with the Divine and your soul, so that you may serve your highest purpose and make the difference you are her to make. 

To do this, 5 Keys you need to learn are how to: 

  • surrender and use intention and prayer,
  • remove the barriers to Love
  • connect with your Divine Guidance regularly,
  • navigate and outsmart the ego, fears and doubts
  • consistently express your highest, authentic soul-self 

To Help you do this, in the Course You will learn How to

  • create and prioritize soul goals that will lead you on your highest path of Divine purpose
  • know what to do next in your life by learning to ask, listen, trust, and act on your intuitive guidance
  • feel loved, guided, comforted, and strong in your purpose by connecting on a regular basis with the Divine (God, the angels, Source, your Soul, your Highest-Self, the Universe, Goddess) 
  • manifest your dreams and soul purpose by learning to heal and clear the past and limiting beliefs that block your way
  • create a life where your most authentic and highest self shines
  • consistently align with your soul and highest path each day with daily tools, practices, and plans

"Jenny is amazing! She helped me to connect with my angels and guides and this has helped me with my path of feeling stuck and which direction to take. Since I have connected to my guides, doors are opening for me, and I feel excited! Thank you. Jenny" -  Caroline B

A Divine Opportunity!

LIVE YOUR DIVINE PURPOSE is an online audio and video Course with spiritual mentor Jenny Hogg Ashwell, scribe of the #1 International Bestselling book, Love's Curriculum: Messages of Enlightenment

In the Course Jenny teaches you the 5 keys to finding and staying on your truest path to living your Divine Purpose. You learn how to live each day in connection with your Divine Soul Team, an amazing resource to guide you through the ups and downs of life and your journey to share your highest purpose with the world. 

The Course is practical and mystical. Jenny shares what she has learned over the last 20 years on her courageous journey from lawyer to Divine messenger, and assisting 100's of others in discovering and living their unique soul path. As well, Jenny brings through the spiritual group the High Council in guided experiences and teaching directly for you.

If you are not familiar yet with the High Council, it is a non-physical, spiritual group led by Jesus and that includes the archangels and other light teachers, and for whom Jenny scribed the #1 International Bestselling Love's Curriculum: Messages of Enlightenment. Jenny's work with the High Council is similar to Esther Hicks bringing through Abraham, if you are familiar with her. Wayne Dyer and Louise Hay found Abraham to be one of the greatest teachers. The High Council wishes to teach us as well, and their messages align with A Course in Miracles

Align with the Divine and your Soul, so that you may serve your highest purpose and make the difference you are her to make. 

The Path of Love: Live Your Divine Purpose Course helps you consistently step forward on this courageous journey of awakening to your highest, most authentic, soul self and living on purpose from there.  

It is Jenny's passionate and heartfelt desire that you really GET THIS knowledge and make these shifts, because you living in alignment with your soul is vitally important to the future of our planet! 

What's included in the Course

  • 7 modules of online training with Jenny--including guided experiences with the High Council. All contained in your own online library and to be done at your own pace. 
  • Meditations, exercises, tools, and homework activities to implement the learning.

BONUS 1: A signed copy of Love's Curriculum: Messages of Enlightenment

BONUS 2: Self-Love Course ($49 value) - because mastering self-love and compassion and gentleness on this awakening journey is vital to being and expressing LOVE and your soul's purpose. 

BONUS 3: Activate Your Divine Purpose Course ($149 value) - a great way to jumpstart your evolution to the next level of connection with your highest-self and the Divine guides working with you.


$497 paid in full or 2 payments of $260


1 Payment of $497 2 Payments of $260

"I am LOVING this Class and all the learning I am Receiving! Thank you so much Jenny!! I also received some awareness around my beliefs about abundance and wealth and prosperity. My Angels and God and the Universe are helping me with surrender and Love and healing. I am so grateful that I found you and Loves Curriculum! And I am so excited about my new unfolding." - Sarah K.

30 Day - Money Back Guarantee.

The Live Your Divine Purpose Course has a 30-day guarantee. If you are unsatisfied for any reason and let us know within 30 days of purchase, we will offer a full refund of the price of the Course. If we issue a refund, you will lose access to the Course and any Bonus Courses or programs or services.


If you have any questions or ever need anything, simply email us at [email protected]

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$497 paid in full or 2 payments of $260 

1 Payment of $497 2 Payments of $260

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