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Together let's AMPLIFY LOVE on the planet! 

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Learn directly from Jesus and the archangels

The Circle connects you directly with live teachings from the High Council (the spiritual group that I channel and that includes Jesus, the archangels, and other teachers of light) each month.

Perhaps you’ve heard from the High Council in the book Love’s Curriculum, and now is a chance to hear from them live online each month. 

It's an opportunity to

  • connect with your soul and remember your purpose here
  • help bring Heaven to earth,
  • heal and release what blocks you
  • gain insights
  • take leaps in consciousness
  • expand your energy and ability to be and receive Love
  • strengthen your connection to your Jesus, your angels and spiritual guides
  • And much more . . . 

The Love's Curriculum Circle Can Help You Find Your Way

“I am so thankful for this connection in the Circle, because it is reaffirming and it’s encouraging. If I didn’t have this, I don’t know how I’d do it. I look forward to it. I’m so thankful for it. I remember before I had all this, I just felt so lost. The Circle has changed my life profoundly.” ~ Ellen

This is an opportunity for you heal, gain insights, learn, and take continuous leaps into more expansion and Love on your soul path. When we join together we grow faster and expand farther. 

Now is a critical time. As lightworkers, influencers, leaders, and changemakers, we are being called to Amplify Love.

The High Council is here at this time to guide us. 

It is my honor as channel to bring through their wisdom, energy, love and support live online to you each month.

Although the High Council is truly available to you in each moment (when you remember), you may formally connect with them in the Circle as their students.

It's an opportunity to work directly with the energy of Jesus and the archangels, as well as other masters and spiritual teachers who serve with the High Council. 

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An Invitation from the High Council:

"Welcome to the Circle of Love, the Team for Love, the Family for Love. If this is your path, welcome, and BE THE LIGHT. We applaud you and welcome you. You are to help connect and wake up with others. We applaud you." ~ The High Council

Who is the High Council?

The High Council is an angelic council, connected with Jesus, the masters, and the archangels. The Circle is a chance to hear directly from these loving helpers each month.

Jesus is a unifier when we take him out of religion. 

Jesus isn’t limited to a religion; he is about Love and Heart and a mission to bring Heaven to earth.

The Jesus that serves on the High Council is a Jesus beyond the confines of Christianity (a religion that did not exist in his life and that he did not create). Jesus on the High Council is a wayshower, master, teacher, and guide to Christ Consciousness. 

From Deepak Chopra:

"Jesus wanted to inspire a world reborn in God. This vision is breathtaking in its ambition. It points us toward a mystical realm, the only place where human nature can radically change. At the level of the soul, we find out how to love our neighbors as ourselves, we are able to remove the obstacles that keep us from doing unto others as we would want them to do unto us. No one is an outsider who wishes to make Jesus central to his or her spiritual path, and no one should pay lip service to Jesus's words while guilt, pain, and suffering continue to go unhealed." ~  The Third Jesus, Deepak Chopra

The High Council is led by a Universal Jesus who is recognized in Islam, is the saint called Ishu in Hinduism, and is working alongside Buddha. He teaches us to embody Christ Consciousness to change the world--to love our neighbors as ourselves, embrace diversity, and shift humanity from a paradigm of fear to one of Love. 

From Michael Curry, presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church (the first African-American bishop to serve in that position), who preached at the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle:

Jesus came to earth not to found a religion but to show us God’s dream for the world. It’s the dream of a world where no child suffers, no one goes to bed hungry, no one is abandoned and alone: a world where love is the way.

His vision is very much aligned with the call to action in Love's Curriculum.

What is Christ Consciousness? 

From Paramahansa Yogananda:

The projected consciousness of God immanent in all creation . . . It is the universal consciousness, oneness with God, manifested by Jesus, Krishna, and other avatars. Great saints and yogis know it as the state of samadhi meditation wherein their consciousness has become identified with the divine intelligence in every particle of creation; they feel the entire universe as their own body. 

God has always sent angels to help.

Angels have always been seen as messengers of God, intermediaries between humanity and the Divine. Angels unite us. They cross religious boundaries. Angels are spoken of in Judaism, Christianity, Islam, and beyond.

Angels and the archangels have gathered with Jesus and other spiritual teachers on the High Council to lead us and give us comfort. They bring the truth of Love to help the children of the Divine at this time, as they have come throughout history to help.

From the High Council:

Dearest ones, we are you angelic team. We are here to align the light. We can help you. Humans need to be in touch with their souls to survive. They need to remember that they come from far and high to be the angels in action in the world, to help wake up the souls that are lost. They help them remember: God is Love. They are One with God.

We help as we have through the ages. There is noting new age about us. We are entering a New Age however. The Age of Aquarius. You are evolving as a planet and species. More and more will see that we walk with you, just like the ancestors are here with you.


Here's what's included in the Monthly Circle:

  • a 45 minute live online group session each month with the High Council channeled through Jenny (via Zooom).
  • an Extra 15 minute channelling session each month (via FB Live)
  • Replays of all the Live Sessions in case you miss one (or aren't on FB)
  • intention setting and prayer support
  • a private Facebook group in which you are connected with Jenny and other Circle Members and where the sharing and awakening may continue.
  • BONUS!! Start now and also get access 9 months worth of past Circle Sessions (60 minutes each) These sessions are from the first year of the Circle.
  • BONUS!! Meditation Gifts: - receive the Daily Meditation Set and Hospice Meditation


How Can the Divine Connection Circle Help Me?

When you join the Circle, you enter a loving, dynamic, and connected space.

You are welcomed as students by the High Council into the spiritual realm from which they teach (the call it the University). 

It's a place where you can expand, heal, and remember your soul essence and purpose, and the guides that work with you.

A place where you can be supported in fulfilling and manifesting your soul's purpose. 

And a place where together we amplify Love and create Heaven on earth.  



 "Jenny’s connection to the Divine and the clear messages that she channeled for us were precious and brought clarity and awareness to our purpose here on earth. Her willingness to channel Divine messages is a gift from Heaven, and we feel so honoured and moved by her inspired lessons of peace, love and light from the High Council. We are so grateful that Jenny is awakening the world to Love!”

Don & Lisa Hogue, Louise Hay Heal Your Life Coaches & Facilitators


"Our monthly channeled message from The High Council is always very inspiring."

 I thought for anyone who is interested that I would let you know as a Circle Member what it means to me.  It has helped me a great deal to do with some issues that I have had for quite a while. Being able to directly communicate with the High Council through Jenny is wonderful. The guided meditation is always very powerful and helps in unimaginable ways. I have had a problem with meditation for most of my life and I found it very difficult, but with the help of the High Council and Jenny I am making progress.

 ~ Teresa

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About your Channel

Jenny is a public speaker and spiritual leader whose vision and life’s work are all about raising consciousness and amplifying Love on the planet. She was featured on Hay House Radio's Bright New Voices and in Visionary Insight Press's Spiritual Leaders Top Picks. 

Formerly a lawyer, Jenny left law to find her true purpose. Through years of self-exploration, motherhood, and training as a therapist, Jenny discovered her ability to intuitively bridge to the spiritual realm and her purpose to be a channel for the High Council--an angelic council that includes Jesus, the archangels, and other spiritual teachers who are guiding us to amplify Love on the planet. Jenny scribed the #1 International Bestseller Love's Curriculum: Messages of Enlightenment for the High Council, and hosts the Love's Curriculum Radio Show & Podcast.

Jenny's mission is to guide influencers to amplify Love and build a world where we care for Mother Earth and honor our diversity, while living peacefully as One human race. 

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