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Love's Curriculum: Messages of Enlightenment

A #1 International Bestseller

"This amazing book is filled with such beautifully inspired wisdom. Each word a revelation of Divine Love that wants nothing more than to be born into this world of form that we may all awaken to the truth that is at the very heart of us all: We are but Love! " 

~ W.E.R. 


It's time to know, at your deepest core, that you belong and that you are important here: that you are Love, Loved, and Divinely Guided.

Love's Curriculum contains channeled messages direct from Jesus, the archangels, and other light teachers who have gathered in the spiritual realm as the High Council to guide us in the current Awakening happening on the planet.

It's time to remember that you carry a special soul assignment in the world--that you have your very own light to shine in the world, and it's exactly what is needed NOW. 

Do you ever . . . 

  • feel different and like you don't belong? You might wonder, "Am I from a different planet?"
  • doubt your connection to your Higher Power and soul?
  • have trouble trusting your intuition?
  • feel frustrated with your path and lack of clarity?
  • get stopped by the fears and doubts that block your way forward toward your best life?
  • feel alone, confused, stuck or adrift?
  • want to heal your relationship with God or a negative religious upbringing? 

Then Love's Curriculum is a guidebook for you. 

"A must read for anyone looking to open their heart and embrace their intuition. This book carries with it the energy of transformation and unconditional love."

 ~ Joseph Gabrielson, Divine Heart Ministry

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More from readers

"EVERYTIME I pick up this book and read a chapter I feel lighter, more love and heart-centered. The book is heavy for my mind, and yet I continue to experience my heart opening."

"I was not raised to believe in any deity, or religion. I like that this book you don't need to have a religious background to understand the message and I'm also finding I'm learning a fair amount as I go. What I like most about this book is that I feel connected to Source when I read it. Sometimes I'll read a passage and I won't understand it at all, other times I pick it up and I feel like that passage was written for me." 

"If you in any way, feel called to A Course In Miracles or to finding your greatest truth, read this book!"

"We tend to experience life in the four areas of life Faith, Family, Fitness and Finance. This book can help you gain a deeper understanding of Faith in your life." 

Meet the scribe

Jenny is a public speaker and spiritual leader whose vision and life’s work are all about raising consciousness and amplifying Love on the planet. She was featured on Hay House Radio's Bright New Voices and in Visionary Insight Press's Spiritual Leaders Top Picks. 

Formerly a lawyer, Jenny left law to find her true purpose. In 2013, Jenny discovered her ability to intuitively bridge to the spiritual realm and her purpose to be a channel for the High Council. She's been called a Soul Advocate, the Channeling Consigliere, and an Earth Angel, here to support the biggest visions of your heart and soul so we can change the world.

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Jenny is featured in Visionary Insight Press's Spiritual Leaders Top Picks

Inspirational stories of wisdom, encouragement, and healing shared by the VIP 2017 Spiritual Leader Top Picks honoring various perspectives and pathways.

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