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Channelled Messages from The High Council to help us ignite Love during these turbulent times for those wanting to create a way forward in Peace and Oneness.

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It's time to know and believe that God (Source, Spirit, Creator, the Universe) has a purpose for your life and that you are Divinely Guided!

"This amazing book is filled with such beautifully inspired wisdom. Each word a revelation of Divine Love that wants nothing more than to be born into this world of form that we may all awaken to the truth that is at the very heart of us all: We are but Love! " ~  5 start Amazon review

It's time to know, at the deepest core of you, that you belong and that you are important here.

That you are Love, Loved, and Divinely Guided.

It's time to remember that you carry a special soul assignment in the world--that you have your very own light to shine in the world, and it's exactly what is needed NOW. 

Do you ever . . . 

  • feel different and like you don't belong? You might wonder, "Do I belong on a different planet?"
  • doubt your connection to your Higher Power and soul?
  • have trouble trusting your intuition?
  • feel frustrated with your path and lack of clarity?
  • get stopped by the fears and doubts that block your way forward toward your best life?  

Are you done feeling alone, confused, stuck or adrift? 

Do you long to travel in community with like-hearted others?

Then Love's Curriculum is here to help!

Because you deserve to feel fully supported as you take the leaps your soul wants you to take!

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"A must read for anyone looking to open their heart and embrace their intuition. This book carries with it the energy of transformation and unconditional love." ~ Joseph Gabrielson, founder Divine Heart Ministry


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  • MP3 of the Heart of Jesus Meditation from chapter 8 in the book,
  • and a free 45 minute Masterclass "5 Keys to Courageously Step Into Your Soul's Purpose with Your Angels and Guides, without Fear, Doubt or the Ego Stopping You." 

More about the Bonuses:

BONUS 1: Everywhere I go, readers mention the power of the Meditation of Knowing You Are Love (The Heart of Jesus Meditation) from Chapter 8 in the book. To make it easier to do the meditation, I'll send you an audio version of this transformative experience.

BONUS 2: Because I get that the journey to walk your soul's highest path can be wrought with paralyzing fear, doubt and negative self-talk, I'm going to add a special Bonus.  

I get that it can feel alone and confusing. Many times along the journey I might have quit if I had listened to the ego. The ego judged me as arrogant, special, not worthy, and crazy. It warned me of partnering and getting support, and spoke to me of doubt. 

Luckily, I learned to navigate the ego and move through the fears and doubts.

Now it is part of my soul mission to help guide you along that journey.

So I'm going to add a 45 minute Masterclass training for you to go along with your book.

It's called "5 Keys to Courageously Step into Your Soul's Purpose with your Angels & Guides, without Fear Doubt and the Ego Stopping You." Once you sign-up for your free book, you'll see a page to Register for this Masterclass. I hope that you take me up on the offer! 

"We tend to experience life in the four areas of life Faith, Family, Fitness and Finance. This book can help you gain a deeper understanding of Faith in your life." ~ Amazon 5 star review

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Meet the Author & Scribe

Hi! I am Jenny Hogg Ashwell Randolph, spiritual messenger and mentor, and scribe of Love's Curriculum: Messages of Enlightenment

In 2013, I learned of my soul assignment to be a conduit for the messages of the High Council. Jesus, the archangels, and other spiritual teachers who have gathered in the spiritual realm as the High Council to guide us in the Awakening happening now.


I scribed the book Love's Curriculum: Messages of Enlightenment for them. The books goal is to awaken within you the memory of the Love That Connects All and your soul's Divine purpose, so that we may awaken the world to Love. It is a gift from above and a guidebook for this journey of awakening. 

But I used to be a lawyer . . .


Through a 20 year journey of learning to follow my heart and soul, to surrender to Spirit's guidance, I woke up to my gift as a bridge to the spiritual realm and my soul assignment to scribe Love’s Curriculum and bring through the High Council to work with you.  

They wish to guide you and others as a Team for Love, so that we can create a new paradigm for humanity. One that expresses Oneness and the Divine Love That Connects All.   

"If you in any way, feel called to A Course In Miracles or to finding your greatest truth, read this book!" ~ Marion Baker, author of The Lime Green Plastic Covered Couch; Insight for Women Who Struggle To Find Lasting Love.

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Okay, Let's NAME the potential elephant in the room. If you are here still scrolling, you might be asking . . . Is the High Council REAL????

Believe me, I get it. Based on my own journey through doubt and fear, I can understand that you might question the reality of the High Council and their messages. At times I imagine that my experience working with the High Council might be similar to Louis Pasteur’s experience in the late 1800s, when he spoke about invisible germs as the cause of sickness and people thought his idea ridiculous.

Check out what these readers had to say on Amazon reviews: 

"I must be honest, this book has been a challenge to read. Yet I continue to be drawn to read it, over and over. EVERYTIME I pick up this book and read a chapter I feel lighter, more love and heart centered. The book is heavy for my mind, and yet I continue to experience my heart opening.

It also challenges some of my beliefs, and opens my to other possibilities. I have heard many other people in all sorts of areas of my life speak of 'the grid', or angels and fairies. I know some people I respect and love dearly believe with their whole heart in these different ideas/ beings/ entities. What I appreciate and believe everyone can appreciate from this book is that there is permission to believe in what ever Higher Power we choose. That it confirms what I continue to hear from many of today's Thought Leaders in the media: that all Higher Powers are One. That we are here to Love and practice Love.

I recommend this book to everyone, believers and non-believers. Read it, just read it, don't scrutinize it or even try to make sense of it- Read it and see what you experience!" ~ Amazon Kindle reader

"This book is singing my song. I have never been the kind of person that gives angels much credence and I have a very dedicated spiritual path. Yet, every page in this book sparks not only my curiosity, but something in my heart that goes YEAH! THAT"S IT!!! It reminds me of my real path, the only path, to be gentle with myself, to know I have support, to count on the love that is there always and to not be afraid to show all of who I am to the world.I am on my second time through the book and will likely just keep reading it over and over and over."
Marion Baker, author of The Lime Green Plastic Covered Couch: Insight for Women Who Struggle To Find Lasting Love

Below is what Archangel Raphael reported to me about the reality of the High Council when I asked that very question: Is this REAL?!!!?

I hope it helps you BELIEVE that you, too, just like me, are guided by Loving Divine helpers who wish to help you serve your soul's purpose. 

Archangel Raphael: "We are more real than the things of the ego dream. We are here in this university teaching realm in your mind, the Mind of God, the Mind of all. We are real here in this fifth-dimension teaching space, and we present to you in form here and from here, and we are close to you from here. And we are also real in Heaven, the state of Oneness, Unity, and Home. And we can come to you here in the third dimension via the fifth and fourth to help you, and yet we are not limited by form—and yet we may present as form. Again, it is hard to understand from the place of your consciousness in the third dimension. We ARE.

It is all real because we are always Real and the Light of God—same with you. So you cannot say that the angel form you see me in is not real, for I am real. I just have put on a specific cloak, but the cloak is not me. It is just what I wear, and it too shines with the Light of God and comes from what God is made of. So accept the form we come to you in now, for it is always us; it is always God’s Love. There is no place God’s Love is not. Remind everyone that we are Helpers of the Holy Spirit assigned to wake you all up, as we are parts of the Whole that are more awake.

Let go of the ego that wishes to segregate and analyze and decipher this all as a way to run interference between you and the Voice of God. The ego is within the Voice of God, for all of you is God; the ego is just the part of you that thinks it is not, and thinks it is separate and guilty and going to be punished by God. The ego is just the part of your mind that cowers and is afraid in its mistake, and yet all of you—all of Mind—is within God. The thoughts of the ego, its thoughts of separation, are merely an illusion—a wisp of smoke that need not be fought or struggled with, only corrected and wiped away; actually, melted and disintegrated in Love like a mist or fog that evaporates and is gone, revealing the bright shining sun that was always there."

I believe in you and that you are Divinely guided!

It's time to Believe, receive your guidance, trust, and create the big splash you are here to make!

What a beautiful and magical world awaits us when we know this.
Together let's create it one step at a time!
Together let's Ignite Love in the World! 

"I was not raised to believe in any deity, or religion. I like that this book you don't need to have a religious background to understand the message and I'm also finding I'm learning a fair amount as I go. What I like most about this book is that I feel connected to Source when I read it. Sometimes I'll read a passage and I won't understand it at all, other times I pick it up and I feel like that passage was written for me." ~ Amazon customer

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The High Council's Invitation

"We love all of God’s children equally, and we wish for all to remember that they are the princes and princesses of their lives . . that they are the light . . . that they are important and belong and are cherished. It is time to remember that you belong here; that you have a purpose here; that you are the light; that you are guided and God has a plan for your life. Welcome Home beloved children. Welcome Home. Let us help you Know and live this purpose. Together we awaken the world to a Love behind all, and create a new world. We are the Light and the change. We are a Team for Love. Join us now and live an inspired, spirit-guided life of purpose joined with others."
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More 5 Star Reviews

 "So good you want to read it many times! Spiritually moving and very inspiring. Must read!" 

"Love's Curriculum is a novel for the spiritual seeker. The prose have a comforting, meditative quality that I found to be profound and uplifting. If you're feeling any negativity, that will simply float away as you envelope yourself in the message of the book. The words provide guidance, support, love and wisdom." 

"I read the book one chapter at a time, allowing myself to simply "be" with the message of each chapter. I would recommend that approach to fellow readers. The appendices provide additional insight into the process of developing the book, sharing with us the guidance and inspiration that led to the book's creation." 

"Filled with love and encouragement on every page. It is a book that you will read over and over and be amazed what you missed each time! It is all about love. Thank you Jenny!"  

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