Bringing the messages and connection
of the High Council to you
to help you remember that you are Love, Loved, and Divinely Guided
so that you can courageously serve your soul's Divine purpose
to answer the call in your heart and soul 
to make the difference we are here to make!

Hi! I'm Jenny Hogg Ashwell, spiritual mentor & messenger, radio host, author, speaker, and scribe of the bestselling book Love's Curriculum: Messages of Enlightenment

I help you people like you, who have a heart-centered mission and calling, gain clarity and courage to live your soul's Divine Purpose.

I help you connect to Divine Love and Divine Guidance, so that you can move past the fears, doubts, and that nagging ego of self-judgment and criticism that is stopping you from shining your light!

It is vital that you as a lightworker share your Divine purpose in the world at this time. We are being called to join as a Team for Love and Ignite Love in the world. 

I've experienced a lot of transitions in my life since I dedicated my heart to following God (Source, Creator, Spirit, Universe, Divine, Goddess). 

In fact, before I became a spiritual mentor and discovered my ability to connect to and receive Divine Messages from the spiritual realm, I was a lawyer.

On my very first day of my first job in a big law firm, I had quite a shock. I had what I call a wake up call from my soul. I heard a voice within say, “Remember, your soul’s path lies elsewhere.” I could see it: a vision of a different life, the life I was meant to live. And I could feel the truth of it in my solar plexus and gut.

From that point on I began to listen to that still, small voice. I started to explore intuition. I learned that there was a sixth sense that could help guide me. And it felt so natural when I did! I was beginning to follow my heart again instead of external factors and advice. I found my way to teachers like Deepak Chopra, Doreen Virtue, Wayne Dyer, and Caroline Myss. I trained in Reiki and learned to work with my angels. Raised Lutheran, I discovered a broader, universal spirituality beyond one religion.

I leapt.

I trusted.

I built my wings along the way.

Now I'd like to help you build yours! 


A Divine Assignment

I left a successful law career and an unhealthy marriage. I moved to Canada and became a mom, and now have 3 beautiful children. I survived, healed, and thrived through divorces. I retrained in transpersonal counselling psychology, studied A Course In Miracles, and became a counselor and an angel reader. I started my own spiritual private practice.  

Then, in 2013, in a moment of Divine clarity and connection with my Higher-Self, I learned that I was working with a group in the non-physical spiritual dimension called the High Council.  The High Council includes Jesus, the archangels, and other spiritual teachers who have gathered to assist us in the current Awakening. I learned of my assignment to scribe a book for them that would be called Love’s Curriculum. The process was much like how A Course in Miracles came to be scribed, and Love's Curriculum is aligned with ACIM principles.

But let me tell you, there was a lot of fear and doubt that came up!

My experience felt like “coming out of the closet” about my ability to channel and work with the High Council. I had to move past current fears of not belonging, as well as old, ancient fears, like the fear of being burned at the stake for possessing intuitive gifts. Many times along the journey I might have quit if I had listened to the ego.

I learned to surrender the ego struggle to Divine helpers: Jesus, the High Council, the angels, and the Holy Spirit. In response I heard and felt the truth in my heart and soul, the truth that I was to continue on my journey with the book. 

Now Love's Curriculum is a #1 International Bestselling spiritual guidebook on Amazon, and I host my very own Love's Curriculum Radio Show & Podcast. I also bring through the High Council regularly on the Radio Show, in my Monthly Circle Program, in free meditations on YouTube and FB & Instagram, in Courses, and live at events and retreats.

I am truly living in alignment with my soul's passion and purpose.

And it is time for you too as well!

You are important. You belong. You have a Divine purpose here.

What is your soul calling you to do and be?

What dream, mission, message does your heart want to share?

You, too, can step through the frustration, blocks, confusion, doubt, and fears that stand in your way and shine your Light! 

It takes remembering that you are Love, Loved, and Divinely Guided--that you are important and belong. That is what the High Council wants for you and why they gave us Love's Curriculum and are continuing to guide us. 

I'm glad that you found your way here! I hope I get a chance to meet you and  support you.

I welcome you to our Team for Love. Together let's Ignite Love in the world. 



Love's Curriculum: Messages of Enlightenment

The book is available on Amazon, Barnes &, and in Calgary at Nurture (in Crowfoot) or

What is unique about you as a Spiritual Mentor?

I radiate LOVE, LIGHT and REMEMBERING brightly to empower its natural emergence in you. And I am truly grateful and honored that I can surrender and connect you with the Love and guidance of the High Council and your angelic-soul team.

I also walk the talk. I have been travelling the same journey that I guide you on for over 20 years now; I have done extensive spiritual and personal growth and continue to do so. I uphold the “healer heal thyself” philosophy.

My heart deeply desires to help you shine your authentic Divine purpose in the world. I create an inclusive, safe, gentle, compassionate, environment for you to open and expand, and I bring through the High Council's messages and the guidance of your angelic-soul team in a clear and loving way for your highest good and the highest good of all. And we have fun at it too!

Who is the Love's Curriculum community for?

You if you relate to feeling a strong desire to bring light at this time. If you resonate with having a strong message, mission, or desire to serve a purpose here, to make a difference, and you feel it is connected to a Higher Power, a Divine journey, your soul and highest self. You may or may not know it clearly yet.

You if you identify with being a star child, lightworker, earth angel, indigo, crystal child, or something similar. You feel like you don't quite belong here on earth. At times you may find it difficult to be here and that you are out of place, yet you also feel there is a reason you are here.You may or may not know it clearly yet. 

You if you've distanced yourself from God or religion as you've known it, but your heart and soul draw you to reconnect with the Divine in new ways and even reframe what you learned in the past.  You are interested in a more universal love-filled spirituality. You may just be beginning this journey or are well along the path. 

You if you resonate with A Course in Miracles, Marianne Williamson and A Return to Love, or A Course on Love.

You if you resonate with being on an Awakening journey.  

In my programs, circles, and sessions I've worked with a lightworkers from all walks of life: transpersonal and spiritual counselors, personal development students, spiritual seekers, A Course in Miracles students, earth angels, star children/star seeds, business managers, professionals, parents, teachers, intuitives, life coaches, social workers, holistic practitioners, massage therapists, energy practitioners, acupuncturists, Chinese Medicine Doctors, authors, speakers, and entrepreneurs.

The High Council and their teachings represent a universal spirituality, although mostly delivered in the language of A Course in Miracles--Father, Son, God, Holy Spirit. 

Learn, Grow, Connect at Love's University

Offerings from Love's Curriculum to work with Jenny and the High Council

High Council Connection Circle

A magical online monthly subscription program in which the messages of Love's Curriculum come alive in direct connection with the High Council. Jenny opens as a channel for the High Council to work with members to awaken the memory of Divine Love and your soul's purpose.

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Live Your Divine Purpose Mentoring Program

An in-depth mentoring program to work with Jenny, the High Council and your angels and Divine guides to gain the clarity, courage, and connection you need to take concrete action into living your soul's purpose and share your message and mission.


Retreats & Events to connect with Love & Divine Guidance

Experience the High Council working with the group through Jenny in intimate, in-person events. Receive support on your awakening journey at these magical events designed to connect you with the highest vibration of Love, your Divine guides, and your soul's Divine purpose.

Join Us

Activate Your Divine Purpose Course

An audio and video Self-study Course with the High Council (through Jenny).

Remember why you are here. Increase your connection with your angels and guides. So you can manifest your soul's purpose and create Heaven on earth.

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Love's Curriculum: Messages of Enlightenment

The book is available on Amazon, Barnes &, and in Calgary at Nurture (in Crowfoot) or


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