A chance to be Divinely Guided each week


The DIVINE CONNECTION CIRCLE is an Amazing Experience for your Soul

Do You Feel . . . 
  • a longing for more connection with the Divine and your angels and guides?
  • alone, lost, frustrated or depressed some of the time?
  • stuck and like you are going around in circles?
  • that you might be called "crazy" if people knew what you can sense, see, know, and intuit?
  • afraid to really get out there and share your spiritual gifts, or your mission and message?
  • blocked from knowing or stepping into your soul's purpose?
  • that you are different, and not from "here"; that no one quite gets you? 

Would you like to . . . 
  • connect regularly with Divine Love, angels, and Divine guides?
  • expand your awareness and raise your vibration?
  • know with clarity your soul path and next steps?
  • experience improved meditation?
  • heal your body, energy, soul and relationships?
  • expand your energy and light and send it out to others for individual and world healing?
  • learn in a loving community of like-hearted souls and work together to create Heaven on earth?

Then I invite you to try the Divine Connection Circle Today!

The Connection Circle provides a place to feel fully supported by the High Council, your Angels & GuidesĀ 

As you heal, gain insights, learn, and take leaps into more and more expansion and Love on your Awakening journey, through:

  • monthly live, online group 60-minute High Council Guided Sessions
  • monthly live, online group 60-minute Q&A sessions with me (Jenny) where you can ask your angels and guides for insight
  • 2 extra live, group online guided meditations and experiences with the High Council each month
  • intention setting and prayer support
  • a private Facebook group in which you are regularly connected with me and other Circle Members and where the learning, sharing and awakening may continue.
  • BONUS!!! Start now and also get access to 9 months worth of past High Council Guidance Sessions
  • bonus audio and video gifts

When you join the Connection Circle, you enter a loving, dynamic, and connected space.

You are welcomed as students by the High Council into the spiritual realm from which they teach (the University). The High Council includes Jesus, the archangels, and other spiritual teachers for whom Jenny Hogg Ashwell scribed the book Love's Curriculum: Messages of Enlightenment, a #1 International Bestseller.

In the Circle, Jenny tunes in live to the High Council, allowing these Divine guides to come through her to work with the group.

It's a place where you can  expand, heal, and remember your soul essence and purpose, and the guides that work with you.

A place where you can be supported in fulfilling and manifesting your soul's purpose. 

And a place where together we create Heaven on earth. 


I'm ready to join the Monthly Circle family

The Divine Connection Circle

"I thought for anyone who is interested that I would let you know as a Circle Member what it means to me. Our monthly channeled message from The High Council is always very inspiring. It has helped me a great deal to do with some issues that I have had for quite a while. Being able to directly communicate with the High Council through Jenny is wonderful. The guided meditation is always very powerful and helps in unimaginable ways. I have had a problem with meditation for most of my life and I found it very difficult, but with the help of the High Council and Jenny I am making progress."




Because you are being called. Because the angels and Divine guides wish to help you.

"Join with us. We are here. We wish to awaken with you, walking alongside you; walking within your heart incomplete and utter Love." ~ Jesus, Love's Curriculum

It's a group where you can feel that you belong and can safely and lovingly step into your spiritual gifts that you are to share in the world.

It's a home where you can join with other lightworkers and Love Advocates in creating the change and Awakening the world needs NOW.

It's a vehicle for remembering Love, and your soul essence and purpose.

It's a chance and place to connect with the High Council (and your angels and guides on your soul team) that wish to work with you and help you!

It's an opportunity to join a Team for Love, whose goal it is to join our heart lights to increase the vibration on the planet, to awaken Love and higher consciousness.

To create Heaven on earth.  

"We are ever present with you. Remember this, and let it give you strength. Faith is a very needed quality in God’s teachers (lightworkers) in these times. Let connecting with us and other lightworkers in form give you the strength you need to carry out the Holy Spirit’s plan, to do your part in God’s army of Love led by Jesus and the High Council. Connect with angels, masters—divinity in any form. You are not alone. We are here. Work with us. Let us help you. That is a critical next step on the journey of Awakening. We must unite to bring the earth into its Awakening and, at the same time, always be aware in the background of the connection to other planets, realms, and dimensions that are part of the Great Awakening as well." ~ the High Council, Love's Curriculum

I want to join this Team for Love Now

The Divine Connection Circle

"Synchronistic events and following my intuition has allowed me to take part in extra learning and guidance from the High Council. An unfolding of weeks then months has helped me put things into perspective and has encouraged me to stay on the right path...one thing leads to another (ie growth/spiritual development) and the extra meditations and teachings are one way of helping to keep that connection alive and strong." 


United Kingdom

Backed by a 30-Day Guarantee:


The Divine Connection Circle

"Jenny’s connection to the Divine and the clear messages that she channeled for us were precious and brought clarity and awareness to our purpose here on earth. Her willingness to channel Divine messages is a gift from Heaven, and we feel so honoured and moved by her inspired lessons of peace, love and light from the High Council. We are so grateful that Jenny is awakening the world to Love!”

Don & Lisa


As a Member in the Divine Connection Circle

You receive

  • Live, online monthly 60-Minute group High Council Guidance Sessions
  • Live, online monthly group 60-Minute Q&A Sessions with the High Council, and the Angels & Guides
  • Live, online Extra Guided Connection Times (approx 15-20 minutes each) with the High Council (on the weeks where there is no 60-minute session) 2 per month
  • A Private Facebook Group for Members to interact with me and each other, receive support, and stay connected between sessions
  • Intention Setting and Prayer Support
  • BONUS! Start now and also get Access to 9 Recorded High Council Guidance Sessions to get you started
  • Meditation Gifts (see below)! 
Keep Reading (below) to learn more details of what is included with your membership subscription . . .  or 
I'm Ready! Sign me up now
BONUS! Start now and also get Lifetime Access to 9 Recorded past High Council Guidance Sessions

Now available are the recordings of the High Council Guidance Sessions that took place over the first 9 months of the Monthly Circle (December 2017 through August 2018). This way you can be there from the beginning! It is approximately 675 minutes of channeled experience, teaching, and healing with the High Council (through Jenny). $180 value. Yours free with membership.


PLUS you receive these Meditation GIFTS!!!!

Gift 1: Daily Meditation Set

The Daily Meditation Set includes two meditations from the High Council to use each morning and night. They help activate your energy, connection with your angels and guides, and align you with your highest intentions and soul purpose each day. 

Gift 2: Hospice Meditation

A beautiful guided meditation experience set to calming, enlightening spiritual music. For use with those nearing death, or in general for letting go of our attachment to the body and our fear of death. 

All of these BONUSES will help you connect instantly with the vibration of Divine Love, and the guidance of the High Council, angels and guides

In addition to all of the regular features. See all the details of the regular Divine Connection Circle features below.

An Introduction to the Love's Curriculum


Hello! I am Jenny Hogg Ashwell, the founder of the Love's Curriculum Divine Connection Circle (formerly named the Monthly Circle).

Whether this is the first time we are meeting or you are already familiar with me and Love's Curriculum, I extend to you a warm and love-filled welcome. 

Here's a brief history of Love's Curriculum and the Connection Circle: In 2013, I woke up to a soul assignment to scribe the book Love's Curriculum: Messages of Enlightenment for the High Council, and to be a voice, a conduit, for their messages

. . . but I originally worked as a lawyer.

Then a wake-up call from my soul in 1996 started me on a personal and spiritual growth path that has led me here to you now. 

Following the High Council's prompting and guidance, I began holding monthly Circles in my local area in which I would tune-in, surrender, and let them work with the group through me. It's a way in which they can expand their work with you beyond the messages in the book Love's Curriculum.

And then in December of 2017, following their direction to go online and connect across the globe, I started the Love's Curriculum Monthly Circle (now the Divine Connection Circle) online program.

You may be asking, "Who is the High Council?" Jesus, the archangels, and other spiritual teachers have gathered in a University teaching space in the spiritual realm as the High Council to guide us in the Awakening happening now on our planet.

The High Council is clear in letting us know that although they appear as teachers outside of us, that they are us and we are them: “[W]e are you and you are us. You are just removing the veil and cloak of separateness and fear, and revealing the Truth of Oneness . . .” ~ Love’s Curriculum

They wish to remind us that we are Love, Loved, and guided by Divine Loving Helpers.

They wish to help us remember and awaken the memory of the Love That Connects All, to join our hearts as lightworkers to create Heaven on earth.

"Join with us. We are here. We wish to awaken with you, walking alongside you; walking within your heart in complete and utter LOVE." ~ Jesus and the Angels, Love's Curriculum

It is my deepest passion and heart's mission to help you Remember, to help you connect with Divine Love and guidance, and to support you to step into your soul's purpose alongside the the High Council, and your angels and guides.

That is the impetus and inspiration behind the Connection Circle

Here's what's Included in the DIVINE CONNECTION CIRCLE membership program each Month

*Live online 60-minute group High Council Guidance Sessions

Every second Wednesday of each month at 12:00pm Pacific / 3:00pm Eastern, via Zoom Webinar Conference, I will tune-in to the High Council for the group and let them come through me to work with you. Can't make that day and time? These sessions are recorded, and replays made available to you.

These magical sessions with the High Council typically include: 

  • teaching
  • guided experiences
  • meditation
  • energy healing work
  • sound and toning
  • Q&A (by chat)

These sessions are a chance to directly work with the High Council through me (Jenny). They are a chance for insight and direction, healing and shifts, opening to love, raising your vibration, healing, growing, learning, awakening, and joining with others 

Live online group 60-minute Q&A Sessions with the High Council, and your Angels & Guides 

Every fourth Wednesday of the month at 12:00pm Pacific / 3:00pm Eastern, via Zoom Webinar Conference.

These sessions are a chance to ask me your questions about your path, dilemmas, struggles, progress, relationships, work, etc.

I'll tune into your angels and guides, and the High Council, for inspiration and insights from them for you. Questions are asked via chat or private Q&A box.


When you choose to actively commit to your expansion, growth, and awakening, life can feel a little uncertain as the shifts take place. You may have new experiences that you haven't had before. It’s important to have like-minded others who are there for support, sharing, and discussion. 

As a member in the Monthly Circle, you are invited into a PRIVATE Facebook Group .

This is the where you will be able to share and connect, and receive and offer support to other members in the Monthly Circle. As well, I am active in the group.

You will also receive special updates, reminders and links to sessions, and the Extra High Council Connections will happen here via FB Live. 

Not on Facebook?  No worries. Engaging in the Facebook Group is not required to receive the full benefits of the program. And notices, links and Extra Connection times are also sent out via email.

*Live, online Extra Guided Connection Time with the High Council

Every first and third Wednesday of the Month, at 12:00pm Pacific / 3:00pm Eastern (via FB Live) 

For approximately 15-25 minutes, I tune-in to the High Council via FB Live in the FB Group to bring through the HIgh Council for meditation, energy work, teaching and guided experiences. Whatever they have in mind for us.

These extra connection times ensure that we are joining as a community and with our Divine Helpers as a group on a regular basis between the longer 60-minute sessions. Although through all this work, the High Council's goal is that you remember that you are connected always with them and your angels and guides, and you always have their help and guidance available. As they like to say, "We are you, and you are us."

It's okay if you're not on Facebook. Although these sessions take place via FB Live, replays are posted in the FB Group for later viewing and uploaded to a private, members only YouTube link, which is then emailed out to all Circle Members to view in your own time.

Monthly Prayer and Intention Support

Each month have the opportunity to ask for prayer support from me and the community (post in FB Group or email to me each month). Also, set and share your divinely guided intentions to be supported by the group in their manifestation (I will start a post in the FB group each month, or email them to me). 

The Guarantee: Open your heart and mind to experiencing the connection and love from the Divine guides and to your transformation. And if you’re not feeling the support, shifting and expansion within 30 days of registration, you may receive a refund of that first month's membership tuition.

Why? Because I care about you knowing that this is right for you!

I do believe that if you commit and surrender to your progress, and allow yourself to experience the support and Divine guidance offered in the Connection Circle, you WILL transform in the direction of your highest-soul self.

I can confidently say this because the Divine Connection Circle has already brought countless amazing insights, openings, and shifts for members all over the world. You have my full love, support, and belief in you!

 I'm not quite Ready for this full live, monthly interactive commitment of Circle Membership

Committing to a live, online group experience isn't for everyone at this time: It may not be your thing, or it may not fit in your schedule right now.

And I want to make sure you still get support in your awakening journey and have a chance to work with the High Council, and join this Team for Love in another way. 

So, if  you'd prefer to study with the High Council on your own and at your own pace . . . 

Instead of Circle Membership at this time, check out these three Self-Study opportunities to work at your own pace with the High Council to expand your energies, connect with the angels and guides, and remember your soul's essence and purpose.

Not Ready for the Connection Circle? 

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