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As lightworkers and changemakers, we are being called to lead the world from fear to Love. And it starts with each of us creating a stronger connection with our soul and its language of intuition, and with the Divine helpers who want to help us and guide us--your Divine Soul Team. 

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In this Guide you will . . .

Learn the 4 Intuitive Types & which is your natural strength

This guide includes information on the four types so you know the ways in which Guidance can be received, and a Quiz to learn which is your natural strong suit. 

Learn How to Ask your questions for clear results

In this guide, I show you the best way to ask your questions about your life, next steps, certain situations and issues, so that Spirit, the angels, the Divine can answer you clearly.

Learn to distinguish Divine Guidance from the misleading Ego

Through years of working with intuition and scribing Love's Curriculum, I've learned to know and trust the difference, and this guide shares what I've learned for myself and from my teachers. 


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