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A world where we embrace our diversity, care for each other and the earth, and live peacefully as ONE human race.

You are here because you are someone who cares. You want to be your best self and make a positive difference in the world. 

Like me, you might wonder: How can we still hate based on color, religion, and sexual orientation? This isn't the way it's supposed to be! How can animals be so mistreated? When is enough, enough for the planet? 

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Stories of hatred, suffering, and destruction in the world impact you deeply. You might even try to block the news from your life. You seem to care more than others, to be more sensitive than others.

If you're being honest, sometimes you wonder if you can handle being here anymore. You're not even sure you're from here?!

You've always felt different from the crowd, like you DON'T QUITE FIT IN. You might be asking: Am I from a different planet?!

But, really, most of the time, you feel INSPIRED TO BRING HOPE. You have a strong desire to help. You can't just look the other way. You want to create change.

Why? Because you're actually a SEEKER and a DREAMER, who is here to bring light to the darkness and make a positive impact.

Impact that is about:

  • empowering women, children, and minorities
  • peace and cooperation
  • inclusion
  • equality
  • healing the planet
  • helping the animals
  • improving relationships

If you're like me, the Beatles song Imagine isn't just a heartfelt song. It's describes the world we are here to help build. To do so we must:

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Six Questions to ask yourself, so you can lead with heart, soul, & purpose through Covid-19 and beyond

This guide helps you start your day in the direction of your highest service, purpose, and alignment.


Get aligned and moving on purpose today .

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Own your power and your purpose and you can change the world.

Not just any power. Not just any purpose. Not just any change. 

It's the true power of your divinity as a child of God (Source, Creator, Spirit, the Universe). It's your divine purpose, the one God placed on your heart. It's change that amplifies Love.

Change-makers, Lightworkers, Seekers of Peace, Advocates of Love,

I've got you!

Hi, I'm Jenny G. Randolph, a former lawyer, former therapist, now channel and soulful leadership coach. I bridge clients to the spiritual realm (to angels, ancestors, spirit guides, and even Jesus), so they can get answers to their biggest questions about life and purpose. It's about having deep meaning in your life and making your biggest positive impact--the one your Creator placed upon your heart to serve.

Whether you are

  • wondering "What is my purpose exactly?"
  • feeling stuck in your mission to help, or
  • looking for higher levels of meaning and service

I can guide you to your soulful purpose and big impact.

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"Jenny guided me in remembering that I have purpose and a divine right to live it. She helped me break through large barriers that were standing in my way. I am now confident of the steps to move forward. Working with Jenny has reignited a passion for life that I thought was forever lost."

-Arianne Moore, Women's Empowerment Coach
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Monthly online circle to raise your vibration and shine your LIGHT. 

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Support to reveal and manifest your highest purpose & vision in LIFE.

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Gather in person & online to connect with purpose and LOVE.

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Your-own-pace online class to align with your purpose each DAY.


The Book that started it all. 

A spiritual guidebook for these unprecedented times. Helps you amplify Love within and without. 

Channeled by Jenny for the High Council, an angelic group that includes the guide Jesus, the archangels, and other light teachers who are gathered to assist us in the awakening happing NOW on the planet. 

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