Let this be your Mission:

To bring Love and Light to all the world. ~ Love's Curriculum  

Open to Divine Love & Guidance.

Live your Soul's Purpose.

Help Create Heaven on Earth.

Free INTUITION BUILDER GUIDE: Learn 3 Tools to Strengthen your Intuition and your Communication with your Angels & Guides

Learn the 4 intuitive types and which you are, how to phrase your questions to Spirit, and how to distinguish intuitive Divine Guidance from your own thoughts and ego.

Welcome to Love's Curriculum

A Love-based and Heart-centered community that assists and encourages difference-makers who are called to bring Light to the chaos and darkness in the world. Our mission is to help you connect with Divine Love and Guidance, so that you can remember and live your soul's purpose, and we can join together in creating Heaven on earth.

The Book that Started it All

Love's Curriculum was founded by Jenny Hogg Ashwell, the scribe of the spiritual guidebook, Love's Curriculum: Messages of Enlightenment--The High Council (from Balboa Press, a Division of Hay House), now a #1 International Bestseller on Amazon, and featured on Hay House Radio's Bright New Voices.

What Readers are saying:
"Each word a revelation of Divine Love that wants nothing more than to be born into this world of form that we may all awaken to the truth that is at the very heart of us all: We are but Love!"
"So good you want to read it many times! Spiritually moving and very inspiring. Must read!"
"A must read for anyone looking to open their heart and embrace their intuition. This book carries with it the energy of transformation and unconditional love."
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Meet Jenny

I used to be a lawyer. Then on my very first day of my first job in a big law firm, I had a wake up call from my soul. I heard a voice within say, “Remember, your soul’s path lies elsewhere.” I could see it: a vision of a different life, the life I was meant to live. And I could feel the truth of it in my solar plexus and gut.

From that point on I began to listen to that still, small voice. I started to explore intuition. I learned that there was a sixth sense that could help guide me. And it felt so natural when I did! I was beginning to follow my heart again instead of external factors and advice. I found my way to teachers like Deepak Chopra, Doreen Virtue, Wayne Dyer, and Caroline Myss. I learned to work with my angels. I leapt. I trusted.

With my angels and intuition guiding me, I left an unhealthy marriage and my successful law career, moved to Canada, became a mom, and continued an intense spiritual and personal development journey. I discovered A Course in Miracles. I began to live the life my soul was meant to live. And you can too! 

Then in 2013 I had a moment of intense connection with my Higher-Self, my Divine soul essence. I learned that I was working with a team of Divine guides and archangels called the High Council, and that I had an assignment to scribe the book "Love’s Curriculum" for them much like A Course in Miracles was scribed. With surrender and trust, I moved through the fear and doubt. With Divine guidance, I followed my assignment, and "Love's Curriculum" is now a #1 International Bestselling spiritual guidebook on Amazon, and I host my very own Love's Curriculum Radio Show. I am truly living in alignment with my soul's passion and purpose.

And now it is my assignment to guide and mentor you in connecting to Divine Love, to your soul's essence, and to the Divine guidance available to you, so that you can shine your light brightly in the world--in your work, in your families, in your relationships, in your communities--and make the difference you are here to make. I want you to be living life feeling Spirit-guided, Heart-centered, Inspired, Natural, and Embraced by the Love That Connects All. It's about living in full SHINE! It's all part of a global calling to join us together to awaken Love and higher consciousness in the world.

Welcome! I am glad that you are here!




Is Love's Curriculum a Place for me?

Do you feel you have a passion and purpose to fulfill, that you are here to bring light to the chaos and darkness in the world?

Do you sense that NOW IS THE TIME, but you feel like you're going in circles or facing a wall? Like there is more you need to be doing.

Are looking for a community of like-hearted companions to walk alongside you?

Have you been questioning and wondering if you're on track? Are you unclear what your next steps need to be? Have you been feeling alone in your dream? Or stopped by the fears and doubts?

Love's Curriculum is a community where you can be supported, join in the energy of Divine Love, and get moving!

It's a place to learn and practice connecting with your angels and Divine guides, so that you can courageously step into your soul's purpose without the ego, fear, and doubt stopping you.

It is a loving and joyful place to come together to shift the world from fear to Love, to create a world that works for everyone (what I call Heaven on earth) while being fully supported and gentle with ourselves and others as we walk this path of Awakening.

At Love's Curriculum we offer mentoring, programs, courses, and meditations designed to support difference-makers like you (what we call lightworkers and Love Advocates) connect with your Divine guidance and awaken to the Love That Connects All, so that they may courageously live your soul's Divine purpose.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the High Council?

A group of non-physical angels and guides who have gathered in the spiritual realm to guide us in the Awakening happening now. Jesus leads the High Council as a light brother and way-shower, joining with the archangels and other spiritual teachers and guides of the highest light. And they are quick to remind us that we and they are truly One. 



What is Love's Curriculum?

Aligning with principles in A Course in MiraclesLove's Curriculum contains messages from the High Council to awaken Love and higher consciousness in the world. 
The basic tenants of Love's Curriculum are: You Are LOVE, LOVED, and guided by LOVING Divine Helpers. 

What is available in this community?

Jenny works with difference-makers from all walks of life who are dedicated to answering the call for Love in the world, helping them align with their soul's Divine purpose and share their message and mission. We offer magical and transformational events, workshops, online programs, meditations, and the Love's Curriculum Radio Show. Scroll down to learn more.

A Message from Jenny

You are LOVE. You are LOVED. Loving Divine Helpers are guiding you.


What's Available at Love's Curriculum

From Monthly Membership opportunities and self-study courses, to full mentoring support and retreats, to Free offerings and meditations, Love's Curriculum has much to explore.

Check out all the courses, programs, mentoring, and events available at Love's Curriculum. We'd love to have you join our Team for Love!


Find Your Curriculum

Radio, Videos, Meditations

Media and Radio Interviews

Jenny & Love's Curriculum have been featured on many Radio shows and Podcasts, including on Hay House Radio! Click below to listen to this interview, along with others to learn more about Jenny and Love's Curriculum's mission to ignite Love in the world.

Listen to the Interviews Here

Love's Curriculum Radio Show & Podcast

Biweekly on Tuesdays, Jenny hosts the Love's Curriculum Radio Show, on www.BBSradio.com-Station 1 .  

"This is a great podcast to listen to when I'm in need of a 'feel good' boost. Jenny's gentle style is refreshing and calming in a world that feels like it's set to fast-forward. She shares her loving guidance in a way that enlightens and soothes." ~ Leann O.

Listen on I-tunes Here

Meditations & Instructional Videos on YouTube

Jenny is on You Tube with many guided meditations from the High Council and instructional videos about the spiritual journey and living your soul's purpose. 

Visit Jenny's You Tube Channel

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Or join us in the Lightworkers & Love Advocates FB group. In the group, Jenny offers support, connection, Monday Messages from Love's Curriculum, and High Council Meditations on FB Live every Friday.  The group members have gathered to create an amazing welcoming energy of Love. 

We'd love to have you join us there.

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Free INTUITION BUILDER GUIDE: Learn 3 Tools to Strengthen your Intuition and your Communication with your Angels & Guides

Learn the 4 intuitive types and which you are, how to phrase your questions to Spirit, and how to distinguish intuitive Divine Guidance from your own thoughts and ego.

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