Learn the 4 intuitive types and which you are, how to phrase your questions to the Divine for clear guidance, and how to distinguish intuitive guidance from your own limited thoughts and ego, so that you can step into your soul's Divine purpose. 

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Guiding leaders to live their Divine Purpose and change the world with Love

What is Love's curriculum? 

The basic tenants of Love's curriculum: You Are LOVE. You are LOVED. You are DIVINELY GUIDED for your soul's Divine purpose. 

Following Love's curriculum is about aligning with your soul and the Love That Connects All (Divine Love), to remember and serve your unique Divine Purpose and lead the world to peace and unity. Here at Love's Curriculum, we call this way of serving and living Divine Leadership.

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Jenny Hogg Ashwell Randolph, is the founder of Love's Curriculum. She is a gifted channel and mentor who brings forward the loving messages and work of the High Council to help us create a world of unity, peace, and sustainability.

Originally a lawyer in Phoenix, Jenny courageously left her successful law practice because it was not her soul's path. She embarked on a 20 year spiritual and personal growth journey dedicated to knowing and following her true calling. In 2013, she was introduced to the High Council and her assignment to scribe the book Love's Curriculum for them. 

With the High Council, Jenny guides leaders to live their Divine purpose and create the impact they are here to create. 

Who is the High Council?

Who is the High Council? The High Council is an angelic council, connected with Jesus, the masters, and the archangels. The Jesus that serves on the High Council is a Jesus beyond the confines of any specific religion. Here, he serves as a wayshower, master, teacher, and guide to Christ Consciousness. 


The High Council's wisdom is coming through at this time to guide us into the Aquarian age, to our birthright as fully awakened human beings. We are being called to embody Christ Consciousness and awaken the world as leaders through aligning with our soul and living our Divine purpose.

Together (in the words of the Beatles Imagine song) we will create a world that lives as One. 

The Book

The High Council first came through Jenny with the book Love's Curriculum: Messages of Enlightenment, an Amazon #1 International Bestseller. Aligning with principles in A Course in Miracles, reading Love's Curriculum aligns your energy and consciousness with Divine Love, so that you can feel whole and live your Divine purpose. It helps you make the difference you are here to make at this time. 

What Readers are saying:
"Each word a revelation of Divine Love that wants nothing more than to be born into this world of form that we may all awaken to the truth that is at the very heart of us all: We are but Love!"
"So good you want to read it many times! Spiritually moving and very inspiring. Must read!"
"A must read for anyone looking to open their heart and embrace their intuition. This book carries with it the energy of transformation and unconditional love."
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An Invitation from the High Council to you

"It is time to remember that you belong here; that you have a purpose here; that you are the light; that you are guided and God has a plan for your life. Welcome Home beloved child. Welcome Home. Let us help you Know and live this purpose. Together we awaken the world to a Love behind all, and create a new world. We are the Light and the change. We are a Team for Love. Join us now and live an inspired, spirit-guided life of purpose joined with others." ~ The High Council

How to Follow Love's Curriculum to Live your Divine Purpose

Opportunities to Work with Jenny and the High Council to get the CLARITY and COURAGE needed to step through the fears and doubts to share your mission, message, & gifts with the greatest impact and fulfillment

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the High Council?

An angelic council of non-physical Divine Helpers working for God (Source, Creator, the Holy Spirit, the Universe) from the spiritual realm to guide us in the Awakening happening now, helping us to embody Christ Consciousness, live our Divine Purpose, and create Heaven on earth. Jesus leads the High Council as a light brother, master teacher, guide, and way-shower, joining with the archangels and other universal spiritual teachers and guides of the highest Light. And they are quick to remind us that we and they are ONE. 

Who is Jesus on the High Council?

Jesus isn’t limited to a religion; he is about Love and Heart and a mission to bring Heaven to earth (to realize the Kingdom of God here).

The Jesus that serves on the High Council is a Jesus beyond the confines of Christianity (a religion that did not exist in his life and that he did not create). Jesus on the High Council is a wayshower, master, teacher, and guide to Christ Consciousness.

He is speaking to us beyond religion and showing us a path to our salvation--to creating Heaven on earth.

Jesus is a unifier for a common movement toward peace and unity when we take him out of religion.  

"It would be a great shame if we allowed our Hinduism, our Islam, our Judaism or indeed our Christianity to stand in the way of being able to follow the teachings and example of such a great soul as Lord Jesus Christ.” ~ Shaunaka Rishi Das, Director of the Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies.

"No one is an outsider who wishes to make Jesus central to his or her spiritual path, and no one should pay lip service to Jesus's words while guilt, pain, and suffering continue to go unhealed." ~ The Third Jesus, Deepak Chopra

The Jesus that speaks to us on the High Council and through channel Jenny Hogg Ashwell Randolph is here to teach us outside the confines of any one religion. 

From Deepak Chopra:

"Jesus wanted to inspire a world reborn in God. This vision is breathtaking in its ambition. It points us toward a mystical realm, the only place where human nature can radically change. At the level of the soul, we find out how to love our neighbors as ourselves, we are able to remove the obstacles that keep us from doing unto others as we would want them to do unto us. Jesus's name for the realm of the soul is the Kingdom of God, and he clearly intended for it to descend to earth (On earth let it be as it is in Heaven.)" ~  The Third Jesus, Deepak Chopra

Michael Curry, presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church (the first African-American bishop to serve in that position), who preached at the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle talks about the "Jesus Movement Now: Where Love is the Way", describing it as "God’s Passionate dream for humanity."

“Jesus came to earth not to found a religion but to show us God’s dream for the world. It’s the dream of a world where no child suffers, no one goes to bed hungry, no one is abandoned and alone: a world where love is the way."

Curry's vision is very much aligned with the call to action in Love's Curriculum.

What is Love's Curriculum Teaching Us?

Aligning with principles in A Course in MiraclesLove's Curriculum is about awakening Love and Christ Consciousness within you and the world at this time, so that we may shift into a new age of peace, Love, unity, and Oneness, what we may call Heaven on earth.

It teaches us to remember that: We are LOVE; we are LOVED; and we are DIVINELY GUIDED for our soul's Divine purposes, and together are to create Heaven on earth at this time. 

"We love all of God’s children equally, and we wish for all to remember that they are the princes and princesses of their lives . . that they are the light . . . that they are important and belong and are cherished." ~ The High Council

Learning and following Love's curriculum is about aligning with your soul and The Love that Connects All (Divine Love), to serve your unique contribution at this time, leading the world to peace and unity. Here at Love's Curriculum, we call this way of serving, leading, and living your life Divine Leadership.  

Does this relate to a specific religion?

The short answer is No. At its core the messages are all about reminding us of the Divine Love That Connects All and a universal Oneness beyond any specific language, form, or religion. The High Council most often uses the terms God, Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit as their main terminology for teaching, but they are clear it is only one path (one language) and that they are connected with universal principles beyond any one term or religion (see the info about Jesus above); they are also connected in the spiritual realm with masters from many faiths. The High Council also use the terms Divine Mother, refers to Buddha and gods and goddesses of other faiths, and speaks of the feminine and masculine aspects of God. As such, Love's Curriculum and the High Council resonate with people from all walks of life and spiritual backgrounds. It is about creating Unity not separation. 

"Love for the Divine would open and expand us towards our families and neighbours; it would enable us to cast aside racism, sexism, and classism so prevalent in our contemporary society. We need to remember [Jesus's] message of love for all our 'neighbours'." ~Nikki Singh, Policy & Advocacy Manager, The Sikh Coalition

What is Christ Consciousness? 

From Paramahansa Yogananda:

"The projected consciousness of God immanent in all creation. In Christian scripture, the "only begotten son," the only pure reflection in creation of God the Father; in Hindu scripture, Kutastha Chaitanya or Tat, the universal consciousness, or cosmic intelligence, of Spirit everywhere present in creation. (The terms "Christ Consciousness" and "Christ Intelligence" are synonymous, as also "Cosmic Christ" and "Infinite Christ.") It is the universal consciousness, oneness with God, manifested by Jesus, Krishna, and other avatars. Great saints and yogis know it as the state of samadhi meditation wherein their consciousness has become identified with the divine intelligence in every particle of creation; they feel the entire universe as their own body."

Jesus leads the High Council, as our brother of Light. 

Who are the angels on the High Council?

God has always sent angels to help us. Angels have always been seen as messengers of God, intermediaries between humanity and the Divine. Angels unite us. They cross religious boundaries. Angels are spoken of in Judaism, Christianity, Islam, and beyond.

Angels and the archangels have gathered with Jesus and other spiritual teachers on the High Council to lead us and give us comfort as we shift into the Aquarian Age. They bring the truth of Love to help the children of the Divine at this time, as they have come throughout history to help.

From the High Council:

"Dearest ones, we are you angelic team. We are here to align the light. We can help you. Humans need to be in touch with their souls to survive. They need to remember that they come from far and high to be the angels in action in the world, to help wake up the souls that are lost. They help them remember: God is Love. They are One with God.

We help as we have through the ages. There is nothing new age about us. We are entering a New Age however. The Age of Aquarius. You are evolving as a planet and species. More and more will see that we walk with you, just like the ancestors are here with you."

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Together as leaders of Love's curriculum we change the world.

You are LOVE. You are LOVED. You are DIVINELY GUIDED.

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Learn the 4 intuitive types and which you are, how to phrase your questions to the Divine for clear guidance, and how to distinguish intuitive guidance from your own limited thoughts and ego. 


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