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Learn the 4 intuitive types and which you are, how to phrase your questions to the Divine for clear guidance, and how to distinguish intuitive guidance from your own limited thoughts and ego. 

YOU are Here to help Awaken the World to LOVE

It's time to remember.

It's time to get support.

It's time to join in Love.


Meet Jenny

Jenny Hogg Ashwell is a modern-day mystic and gifted spiritual teacher with a Divine assignment to bring to us the loving messages of the High Council, a group of non-physical spiritual teachers who are guiding us to remember the Divine Love that connects all and to live our soul's Divine purpose.

Jenny brings through the High Council's messages and loving presence to individuals and groups worldwide (similar to Esther Hicks and Abraham) to raise consciousness and ignite Love in the world. 

As a spiritual mentor and counselor, Jenny also connects leaders of heart-centered change with their Divine purpose and the guidance of their Divine Soul Team of angels and  spiritual guides, so that they may get out there and serve their mission in a way that will have the greatest impact in shifting the world from fear to Love; in a way that is fully aligned with their highest-self, their soul purpose, and Divine assignment. 

Her mission is to work with the High Council to help people remember that they are Love, Loved, and Divinely guided for their purpose, so that together we create Heaven on earth.

The High Council first came through Jenny with the messages in the book Love's Curriculum: Messages of Enlightenment, am Amazon #1 International Bestseller. The messages help you align with the memory and vibration of Divine Love, raise your consciousness from fear to Love and Oneness, and remember your Divine connection, so that you may experience more grace, hope, clarity, and courage to shine your light and serve your soul-guided and heart-centered Divine purpose.

Jenny also hosts here very own Love's Curriculum Radio Show & Podcast.

The Goal: To bring Heaven to earth and create a new world paradigm in which we live in Harmony, Unity, and Oneness with each other, Mother Earth, and beyond. 

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An Invitation from the High Council to you
"It is time to remember that you belong here; that you have a purpose here; that you are the light; that you are guided and God has a plan for your life. Welcome Home beloved child. Welcome Home. Let us help you Know and live this purpose. Together we awaken the world to a Love behind all, and create a new world. We are the Light and the change. We are a Team for Love. Join us now and live an inspired, spirit-guided life of purpose joined with others." ~ The High Council

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the High Council?

A group of non-physical Divine Helpers working for God, the Divine, the Holy Spirit, from the spiritual realm to guide us in the Awakening happening now. Jesus leads the High Council as a light brother and way-shower, joining with the archangels and other universal spiritual teachers and guides of the highest Light. And they are quick to remind us that we and they are ONE.

What is Love's Curriculum Teaching Us?

Aligning with principles in A Course in MiraclesLove's Curriculum contains messages from the High Council to awaken Love and higher consciousness in the world. The basic tenants of Love's Curriculum are: You Are LOVE, LOVED, and DIVINELY GUIDED for your soul's Divine purpose. You are here to connect with others to create Heaven on earth. 

"We love all of God’s children equally, and we wish for all to remember that they are the princes and princesses of their lives . . that they are the light . . . that they are important and belong and are cherished." ~ The High Council 

Does this relate to a specific religion?

The short answer is No. At its core the messages are all about reminding us of the Divine Love that connects all and a universal Oneness beyond any specific language, form, or religion. The High Council uses the terms God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit as their main terminology for teaching, but they are clear it is only one path (one language) and that they are connected with universal principles beyond any one term or religion, and they are connected in the spiritual realm with masters from many faiths. As such, Love's Curriculum and the High Council resonate with people from all walks of life and spiritual backgrounds. It is about creating Unity not separation. 

Know & Live Your Divine Purpose Now

Opportunities to Work with Jenny, the High Council, and your Divine Soul Team to discover and share your mission, message, & gifts with the greatest impact

Divine Connection Circle

A magical online monthly program in which Jenny brings through the teachings and presence of the High Council. A chance to learn directly from the High Council each month, as well as ask your questions directly to the High Council and your individual Divine Soul Team. Why? To expand your vibration to Love, raise your consciousness to Oneness, heal yourself and the world, and be supported by your Divine guides in living your soul's purpose.

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Divine Counsel for your Purpose & Mission

For Leaders, Influencers, and Movement makers with a heart-centered mission for change

Make this year you follow your highest soul calling and purpose at new levels and with Divine support. In regular one-on-one personal intuitive sessions with Jenny, she will connect you to your Divine Soul Team for guidance and support on your path to serve your mission, so that you are most aligned with your soul and higher purpose.

Space is limited. apply: [email protected]

Live Your Divine Purpose Online Course

This online course takes you directly through the 5 Shifts needed to consistently and courageously step into your soul's purpose each day. Learn how to set soul goals, create a daily plan, connect with your angels and guides, and move through the barriers that are holding you back. Delivered in a online learning site through video lessons with Jenny and the High Council.

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Live Your Divine Purpose Mentoring Program

If you are ready to step through the fears that are holding you back from living your soul's dreams and heart calling, this is a chance to work one-on-one with Jenny over a 90-day period to stop going in circles, and get through that wall that seems to hold you back. This is a chance to heal what blocks you, gain clarity and courage, and finally take concrete action on your dreams and purpose. 

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Ways to Learn & Connect

Media and Radio Interviews

Jenny & Love's Curriculum have been featured on many Radio shows and Podcasts, including on Hay House Radio. Click below to listen to this interview, to learn more about Jenny and her mission to ignite Love in the world.

Listen to the Interview Now

Love's Curriculum Radio Show & Podcast

Biweekly on Tuesdays, Jenny hosts the Love's Curriculum Radio Show, on www.BBSradio.com-Station 1 .  

"This is a great podcast to listen to when I'm in need of a 'feel good' boost. Jenny's gentle style is refreshing and calming in a world that feels like it's set to fast-forward. She shares her loving guidance in a way that enlightens and soothes." ~ Leann O.

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Meditations & Instructional Videos on YouTube

Jenny is on You Tube with many guided meditations from the High Council and instructional videos about the spiritual journey and living your soul's purpose. 

Visit Jenny's You Tube Channel NOW

Be part of the energy of LOVE Today 

INSTAGRAM: Let's connect! Follow Jenny on Instagram here Now:  loves_curriculum

YOUTUBE: Check out videos and meditations on YouTube at Jenny Hogg Ashwell and start learning and experiencing the Love today Visit YouTube Now 

PODCAST: Listen to the uplifting and love-filled podcast with readings from the book and direct guided messages from the High Council.  Listen on I-tunes Now

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FACEBOOK: Like our Love's Curriculum Community Page: Visit Page Here Now

Or join us in the Lightworkers & Love Advocates Group on FB. In the group, I offer support, connection, and High Council Meditations on FB Live every Friday.  The group members have gathered to create an amazing welcoming energy of Love. Join the Group Here Now

What Readers are saying:
"Each word a revelation of Divine Love that wants nothing more than to be born into this world of form that we may all awaken to the truth that is at the very heart of us all: We are but Love!"
"So good you want to read it many times! Spiritually moving and very inspiring. Must read!"
"A must read for anyone looking to open their heart and embrace their intuition. This book carries with it the energy of transformation and unconditional love."
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Learn the 4 intuitive types and which you are, how to phrase your questions to the Divine for clear guidance, and how to distinguish intuitive guidance from your own limited thoughts and ego. 


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